The Day of the CHSPE

Test Day Checklist

Gather the materials you will need for admission:

Identification: Both the name in which you registered, and a clear, recognizable photograph of yourself must appear. You will not be admitted to the test without proper identification.

A copy of your admission ticket that shows you are registered to take the test on the date specified.

Test Day Schedule

Report to your assigned test site before the test start time, regardless of which part(s) of the test you plan on taking. Be aware that other examinees may be signing in and that there may be a line.

If you arrive after the examiner begins reading instructions, you will not be permitted to enter the testing room. You will be counted as an absentee, and you will not receive a refund or credit of any kind. There are no exceptions to this policy.

Test Rules

The CHSPE is an extremely high-stakes examination. Those who pass the test earn the equivalent of a high school diploma. As such, the security and administrative rules at the test site are very strictly enforced.


Any misbehavior or failure to follow instructions may result in your dismissal and the invalidation of your scores. You must follow all instructions provided in this website and given to you either orally or in writing by test site personnel.


During the test administration (including restroom breaks), you may not communicate with other examinees or anyone other than the testing staff in any way. If you communicate with another person taking the test, receive assistance from anyone other than the testing staff during the test administration, try to take the test for someone else, have someone take the test for you, use prohibited items, fail to keep your cell phone put away under your desk, have a cell phone that makes noise, vibrates, or is found to be on, or do not follow instructions, you will be dismissed and your test results will be voided. If you bring a calculator, you must abide by the rules related to calculators which are found on the resources page.

Visitors Not Allowed

Visitors are not permitted in the testing area. If at any time during the exam you have contact with anyone other than testing site staff without permission, you will be dismissed, and your results will be voided.

Upon Completion of the Exam

Once you have completed the parts of the test you wish to take, you may be excused from the test session. You may not reenter the test site once you have been dismissed. A proctor will instruct what to do when the test session ends.

Test Administration Concerns

If you have any comments about the test site or the administration of the test, please detail your comments in a letter or email and send it to the CHSPE Office immediately following the examination.

If You are Absent on Test Day

If you are absent for any reason from the CHSPE administration and you did not submit a Withdrawal Form by the regular registration deadline or submit a change of test date form by noon on the test date, you will not receive a refund or credit of any kind. You will be required to complete a new registration form and pay the test fee if you choose to take the CHSPE in the future.