CHSPE Scores

Unofficial Results


When you complete a computer-delivered multiple choice CHSPE, you’ll get an unofficial score at the test center. You won’t get an unofficial score for the Language Arts as the writing subtest will be score by a group of Readers.

Official Results

Official scores take a little longer. When your unofficial scores are received, the scoring company will perform a quality check to ensure everything was scored properly. After this process is complete, your official scores are posted to your online account.

Results Mailing Dates

Your score report will show your current status on the CHSPE (i.e., whether you have passed or not passed the CHSPE) and your most recent performance on the part(s) of the test you have taken through the most recent test date. For the Mathematics section, English Language Arts Reading subtest, and the multiple-choice questions on the English Language Arts Language subtest, your most recent performance on each of the content clusters of the test is shown.


If you do not pass the Mathematics section, the English Language Arts Language subtest, and/or the English Language Arts Reading subtest, you may retake the sections or subtest(s) that you have not passed. Through the June 20, 2020 examination, you do not need to retake any subtest or section that you have passed. (Note, however, that on the Language subtest both the multiple-choice questions and the writing task must be completed at the same administration.) 


If your CHSPE account is not paid in full, your test results will not be provided to you until your account has been paid in full.

K-12 Publilc Schools

If you attend a K–12 public school, and provided your school's name on your registration, when you have passed both sections of the CHSPE your name will be included on a roster made available to your school district. The CHSPE Office reserves the right to report passers to private schools and charter schools who request information regarding their students who take the CHSPE.

Voiding of Results

Reasonable security precautions are taken in the development, administration and scoring of the CHSPE. The California Department of Education and the CHSPE Office reserve the right to void any CHSPE score for inappropriate behavior at the testing site or if, in their opinion, there is adequate reason to question the validity or legitimacy of the registration or score. If doubts are raised about your registration or score, the CHSPE Office will notify the California Department of Education and other parties as deemed appropriate by the Department.

Challenging Results

If you feel your CHSPE scores were reported incorrectly or do not reflect your performance, you can have them reviewed for a fee. The following score review services are available:


Language Subtest - Essay scoring review

The writing task is scored by trained readers using the Writing Task Rubric following strict scoring procedures. At least one reader will independently score the essay. If there is a change in your score, the new score will be reported to you and the state, and your score review fee will be refunded. Your essay is not available for disclosure. Please note that each essay will be reviewed only once.


Multiple-choice Mathematics and Reading Subtest

Computer delivered tests will not be reviewed because those answers are scored once remotely or at the test center, then transmitted to ETS where they are verified before reported.