Registration Information


Registration for the Fall 2021 administration has closed. Registration for the Winter 2022 administration will open in December 2021.

Important: Walk-ins are never accepted. Please do not contact the testing locations. They are rented facilities, and no information is available at the testing locations. For all testing questions, you should contact the CHSPE Office directly.


Space is limited. Register as early as possible to increase your chances of being assigned to a site in your area.

Registration Fees - Please Note:

Electronic registration fees are charged to a credit or debit card when you fill out your registration form. The appropriate fee is automatically charged pending the review of any necessary supporting documents. If your supporting documents are unacceptable and you do not submit replacements before the next registration deadline passes, you will be responsible for additional fees and may not be allowed to test. The CHSPE Office reserves the right to reverse credit or debit card payments for any reason. Once you are registered, credit or debit card payments are nonrefundable.

CHSPE Check-In Process


Please see the Resources page for additional information on What to Expect on Test Day.

Please bring the following with you:

  • Photo identification

  • Admission ticket


You will not be admitted to the test without acceptable photo identification.


Please see the Resources page for additional information on Identification Guidelines for admittance to the test session.

If you have any questions or need information on the day of the test, contact the CHSPE Office.

CHSPE Eligibility


You may take the CHSPE only if on the test date you:

  • are at least sixteen years old, or

  • have been enrolled in grade ten for one academic year or longer, or

  • will complete one academic year of enrollment in grade ten at the end of the semester during which the next regular administration will be conducted. (Regular administrations are the fall and spring administration each school year.)


You must prove your eligibility as part of the registration process. For more information on acceptable documentation please see the CHSPE Eligibility Page.