Preparing for the CHSPE

Admission Ticket

Once your registration materials have been processed, you will be mailed an admission ticket approximately ten days before the test date. If you registered during the emergency registration period, an admission ticket will be both mailed and emailed to you. If you did not provide a valid email address, you will be contacted by telephone rather than email. You may also print your admission ticket from the user portal on the CHSPE website. The admission ticket will show your name and address, and the portions of the test you have previously passed (if any). If you reported that you are enrolled in grade 12 or below, your admission ticket will also show your school and district. This information will be taken from your registration form.

The admission ticket will also indicate your CHSPE identification number and specify your test date, reporting time, and the name and address of your assigned test site. Read your admission ticket carefully. It contains instructions vital to your success. Keep a record of your CHSPE identification number. It will be useful in communicating with the CHSPE Office.

What to do when you receive your admission ticket:

  1. Verify your personal information.

    1. Verify the spelling of your name, because:

      1. If your name is incorrect, notify the CHSPE Office immediately at 866-342-4773.

        1. The name on your admission ticket must match the name on your photo identification required for admission to the test site

        2. If you pass, this is the name that will appear on the Certificate of Proficiency

        3. If you are reregistering and your name does not match the name you used previously, you may not get credit for portions you have already passed

  2. Verify your school and district along with your contact information. If you are currently enrolled in a public school, verify that your school and district are accurate, because they will be notified if you pass. If the school, district, phone number, or email address are incorrect, complete and submit a Registration Information Correction Form available in your user portal. The form will also be available at the test site on the day of the test. The information that you provide on the Registration Information Correction Form will become part of your registration record and will completely replace any information you provided previously.

  3. Verify your completion status shown in the upper right corner of the front page. If your completion status is incorrect, notify the CHSPE Office immediately at 866-342-4773.

  4. Verify directions to your test site. You are responsible for your own directions to the test site. Directions are available on the Test Locations page, but you should verify the directions and the route in advance.
    You must report to the test site printed on the ticket. If you go to a test site other than the one designated on your admission ticket, you will not be admitted.

  5. Gather the materials you will need for the test:

    1. Identification
      You must present original identification documentation issued by your school, employer, or city/state/ federal government. Both the name in which you registered, and a clear, recognizable photograph of yourself must appear. There is a list of acceptable forms of photo identification on the Photo Identification page.
      You will not be admitted to the test without proper identification.

    2. Admission Ticket (Optional)
      Your admission ticket confirms that you are registered to take the test on the date and at the test site specified. You do not need your admission ticket to be admitted. You only need to be at the proper location on time with proper ID.

    3. Pencils
      You must bring several sharpened no. 2 pencils.

    4. Calculator (Optional)
      You may bring a four-function, non-statistical, non-scientific, non-programmable calculator. See the instructions for acceptable calculators.

  6. Report to the test site on time. Report to the test site before 8:00 a.m. regardless of which part(s) of the test you plan to take. If you arrive after 8:00 a.m., and the proctors have begun reading the test directions, you will not be admitted to the exam. Allow extra time to reach your test site in case of delays. If you are not admitted, you will not receive a refund or credit of any kind. The time it takes to check candidates into the test site, seat them, and read them the directions can vary significantly. The actual testing time is 3 1/2 hours regardless of when the directions are completed. Examinees are usually released between 11:45 a.m. and 1 p.m. You may be excused from the test session when you have completed the part(s) of the test you wish to take. If you do not arrive at the test site on time, you may still be able to change your test date, but you must act right away.