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CHSPE Eligibility

You may take the CHSPE only if on the test date you:

  • are at least sixteen years old, or

  • have been enrolled in grade ten for one academic year or longer, or

  • will complete one academic year of enrollment in grade ten at the end of the semester during which the next regular administration will be conducted. (Regular administrations are the fall and spring administration each school year.)


​You must prove your eligibility as part of the registration process. 


If you will be 16 or older on the test date: an image of an official document that verifies your date of birth can be uploaded during the registration process. The CHSPE Office will review your documents and contact you if registration materials are unacceptable, so they can be corrected. The following types of identification are accepted during the registration process:

  • A copy of your driver license issued by the Department of Motor Vehicles

  • A copy of your U.S. certified birth certificate issued by a city, county or state (Hospital certificates are not acceptable documents for proof of eligibility.)

  • A copy of your passport (the page with name and birth date only)

  • A copy of your identification card issued by:

    • The Department of Motor Vehicles The U.S. military,

    • A high school,

    • A post secondary school, or

    • The U.S. government or a foreign government

  • A copy of your U.S. Permanent Resident Card

  • A copy of your Consular Report of Birth Abroad or Certificate of Birth Abroad

  • A copy of your foreign birth certificate


If you will be under 16 on the test date, or older than 16 but don't have an identification type listed aboveyou can have your school verify your eligibility to test by having an appropriate California school official complete the CHSPE Eligibility Verification Form (found on the Resources page) and then place a school seal on the form. After obtaining the completed form, you will upload the completed form during registration. You will need an acceptable form of Photo Identification (found on the Resources page) on test day.


Students enrolled in school outside of California may not use the CHSPE Eligibility
Verification Form and therefore may not register if they are under sixteen years of age.

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