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CHSPE Score Reports

Your score report will show:

  • test date

  • status on the CHSPE (i.e., whether you have passed or not passed the CHSPE)

  • status on each section and sub-section

    • Mathematics section​

    • English-language arts section

      • Reading sub-section​

      • Language sub-section

  • performance on the part(s) of the test you completed on the test date

  • performance on the part(s) of the test you passed in previous test administrations

  • performance on content clusters, which is rated in one of three categories:

    • Adequate or Better

    • Below Adequate

    • Far Below Adequate

  • additional information about content clusters, including:

    • the number of questions in each cluster

    • the number of questions answered correctly in each cluster

For each part you have not yet taken, the score report shows “not attempted.”

What Are Content Clusters?

To learn more about the content clusters, read the CHSPE Specifications document on the Resources page.

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