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Accommodation Information

Accommodations are supports provided to alter the test format, the environment, or a test taker’s response. Accommodations allow the test taker to participate in the test but do not fundamentally alter what the test measures or the score a test taker receives.


Accommodations are available for test takers with a diagnosed disability including, but not limited to:

  • Attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder

  • Psychiatric disabilities

  • Learning disabilities

  • Physical disorders/chronic health disabilities

  • Intellectual disabilities

  • Hearing and visual impairment

Commonly Approved Accommodations

Commonly approved accommodations, but are not limited to:

  • Extended time (up to 5 hours and 15 minutes)

  • Testing in a small group

  • Testing in a hospital or other institutional setting

  • Use of noise buffers or headphones (brought by the examinee) to minimize distraction

  • Frequent supervised breaks (Testing time does not stop)

  • Mark responses in the test booklet

  • Use of a scribe for multiple-choice questions

  • Use of a computer (provided at the test site) to type essay

  • For Designated English Learners Only: Use of an English-to-primary-language and/or primary language-to-English translation glossary or word list (brought by the examinee) that does not include definitions or formulas


Additional Situations that Require Accommodations​

The following situations require accommodations to be selected during registration: use of a
wheelchair or crutches, temporary cast, special seating or access needs, need to maintain your blood

Process to Request Accommodations

  1. Select Yes to the question "Do you require accommodations?" during registration

  2. Review the Accommodations Guidance on the Resources page to determine what documentation needs to be submitted with the registration

  3. Submit proper support documentation during the registration process

Please note: 

  • Any accommodation requests MUST be approved before your test.

  • Any accommodation requests not supported by your documentation will be denied.

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